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Comfort and heal

  • You're lacking in energy and have lost your sense of self.

  • You are going through a painful breakup, a bereavement, or feeling down or anxious.

  • Your life is out of balance and you need some comfort and support to help you to love life again.

I offer 3 comfort and heal sessions which are tailored to you. A mixture of gentle bodywork, breathing, mindfulness and supportive listening to help you find your way back.

Taking time to slow down and let go of worries is vital to our health and wellbeing.  A soothing massage slows your heart and breathing rate slows, eliminates stress hormones and helps your muscles relax.  As your body relaxes, you begin to experience positive thoughts and emotions, creating that blissful feeling of peacefulness and wellbeing.


Stretch and flexibility

  • You've got stiffness in your lower back, pain and niggles or creaky shoulders.

  • You are recovering from an injury or have just stiffened up from sitting at a desk or hunched over a computer.

  • You want to keep fit and flexible and just wish you could loosen up the tightness in your back, shoulders or hips.

Lets get you on the road to flexibility and fitness again with 3 stretch and flexibility sessions, focused on exactly what you need to kick that stiffness and tension into touch.

Most of us have postural tightness whether from sitting long hours at the desk, repetitive movements or lifting heavy objects.  Learn how to stretch, perform your own self-massage and improve your flexibility, strength and range of movement.  With my wellbeing programme you can combine this with massage treatment to really improve your body condition.

Soothe Away Stress

Feeling stressed and overburdened with with work and family life. Shoulders tense and aching? No time for yourself?

Treat yourself to 3 hour long sessions of total physical and mental relaxation. Reenergise with three massages of your choice, tailored to what you need on the day, with somebody to support you to refocus on your health and wellbeing.

When worries become overwhelming and you lose a sense of direction, having somebody to listen and support can be exactly what you need.  In holistic therapy, we believe in caring for the whole of you, body, mind and soul.  Listening to your story, helping you find your path in a gentle and positive way is what we are here to do.  It’s all about caring for you!  If this sounds like you, my healing programme will help!


Deep Tissue & Sports

You have been hitting it hard in the gym, or training for an upcoming event. Your muscles are feeling tight, sore and tired. 

Suffering from injury or pain?  Release your muscle tension, aches and niggles effectively with our sports and deep tissue massage. 

Great for regularly active people and those needing some post-race treatment!

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