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Meet Alena

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It all started when…

I made a lot of changes in my life in 2016.  Exactly why all that happened in one year, I am not sure. It has felt like a surge of positive energy that has swept me away!

I realised that my real vocation is about caring for people, and so I set about getting qualified.  I am now studying for a diploma in Psychotherapy and will qualify in 2020.  In the meantime, I have started Hands & Heart to offer people soothing therapies for healing body, mind and soul.

I was drawn to wonderful Reiki therapy quite mysteriously after reading about it in a magazine.  A year later, I am still in love with this beautiful, meditative energy healing therapy and the amazing peacefulness it produces for people.  I also trained in 2016 to be a massage therapist because, like Reiki, massage is a powerful tool to sooth the body, ease away stress and reduce pain.  The healing power of touch!

I am passionate about self-care, because I have lived that hectic life full of work and no play, no real awareness of myself, my feelings or where I was going in life. Now I know how important it is to be good to yourself and to tune into that beautiful, positive world that is inside you, and I want to help others to love life too.

Love and warm thoughts x

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